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Magic Planet, the innovative museum of magic, is a groundbreaking establishment situated within the Kinfra Film and Video Park in Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Its official inauguration took place on October 31, 2014, with the then Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. Oommen Chandy, presiding over the event. The memorable magical performance by Padmasree Mohanlal marked the occasion, attended by various ministers and individuals from diverse backgrounds.


A multitude of fascinating activities awaits visitors here. Among these various segments, the ‘Street Magic Venue’ which displays spellbinding performances and tricks such as ‘The Indian Mango Mystery’ and the ‘Indian Basket Trick’ on the streets attracts visitors in hordes. Be it the mesmerizing Circus Castle blended with acrobatic sensations or the ‘Magic Gallery’ at the History Museum with its rare memorabilia tracing the tale of magic and magicians from the Middle Ages to the 1950s, or the ‘Fantasia Theatre’ where mind-blowing illusions, music, and theatre effects are displayed, the Magic Planet will enthrall you beyond words.

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The Different Art Centre is dedicated to educating and empowering children with diverse disabilities, extending beyond intellectual challenges. The centre broadens its training scope beyond magic to encompass various art forms, including music, dance, drama, cinema making, painting, and proficiency in different musical instruments. All these activities are infused with a magical touch, providing a holistic and inclusive approach to the development and enrichment of specially-abled children.

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Since 1974, Gopinath Muthukad has utilized 'magic' as a means to disseminate meaningful ideals and foster innovative thinking within the public. Operating under the distinctive motto 'Magic with a Mission,' he has not only excelled as a magician but has also left a lasting impact as a successful illusionist, mentor, escapologist, and stunt performer. Despite facing challenges in the early stages of his magical career, his unique presentation styles began to garner attention. With over 8,000 appearances on stages in India and abroad, Gopinath Muthukad has redefined and given a new purpose to the art of magic.

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Magic Academy – Magic with a Mission

Established in 1996 in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, the Academy of Magical Sciences has a fundamental mission to champion science, dispel superstitions, and promote magic as both an art and a science. Serving as the central hub for magic, it transforms the dreams and aspirations of Indian magicians, particularly those from the streets, into reality.

The Magic Academy plays a pivotal role in elevating magic from street performances to an exciting and esteemed art form, equivalent to other performing arts. With a decade of selfless service, the academy has evolved into a haven for magicians nationwide to gather, engage in discussions, and devise solutions for their day-to-day concerns.


History of Magic Planet

Our Upcoming Venture

Our next venture, a center in Kasaragod embodies the singular vision of bringing the beacon of hope to more lives. The Inclusive Institute for People with Disabilities (IIPD) has been conceived as a comprehensive, world-class facility dedicated to the skill development of individuals with disabilities. It encompasses innovative programs aimed at their empowerment. Spanning a 20-acre expanse, the IIPD is designed to train and empower 500 children with special needs and their families.

Drawing inspiration from the Magic Planet concept, we aim to replicate its success to ensure societal participation in the inclusion process. Visitors will be captivated by the magic-themed entertainment park, featuring art performances by special children and a dedicated venue for professional magic shows performed by young individuals with disabilities. The theme park will house five theaters with seating capacities ranging from 250 to 500 for magic and other entertaining art performances.

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