Vishnu shines at international conference: Different Art Centre's impact gains recognition

08 November, 2023

Vishnu, a young talent with cerebral palsy, showcased his remarkable talents at the recent International Open Research Conference organized by Sophia University in Japan and made Different Art Centre proud. His exceptional performance was the highlight of the event, leaving Japan's education experts and disability professionals astounded. Vishnu's magic skills, despite his cerebral palsy and mental challenges, were so impressive that even seasoned magicians would find them challenging to replicate. This marked the first instance of a differently-abled child stealing the spotlight at the conference.

Sibi George, India's Ambassador to Japan, addressed the conference on behalf of India. Dr. Sally August, University Chancellor, along with disability experts Prof. Akira Otsuka, Toshiya Kakiuchi, Yoshikazu Hirasawa, Toda Mikako, and other panelists, were deeply impressed by Vishnu's magic performance. During a symposium as part of the conference, Gopinath Muthukad, Executive Director, Different Art Centre, explained the transformative effects of their sensory-based teaching process on differently-abled children. Minu Arun, a representative of Different Art Centre, presented the scientific aspects of their approach to the panelists.

Following these presentations, the panelists recognized Vishnu's remarkable progress and awarded him a certificate. This development has the potential to invigorate the field of disability education. The panel of experts unanimously suggested that the Different Art Centre's teaching method, tailored to the social and physical needs of differently-abled children, should be discussed and implemented worldwide.

The people of Japan warmly embraced Vishnu and Gopinath Muthukad, who came from India to participate in the conference and perform magic. Posters of Vishnu covered the university's front, symbolizing the great reception he received. Sibi George had also felicitated Vishnu at the Indian Embassy, underscoring the pride associated with Vishnu and the Different Art Centre.

Gopinath Muthukad, who also serves as Vishnu's coach, expressed his immense pride in representing the  Different Art Centre in Japan. He noted that Vishnu's success exemplifies the effectiveness of their educational program, which aims to bring comprehensive positive changes to differently-abled children through magic and promote this learning approach internationally.

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