Mother's day celebration

12 May, 2024

Mother's Day celebration at Magic Planet was a joyous tribute to the selfless love and devotion of mothers, inaugurated by the illustrious Smt. Mallika Sukumaran, a celebrated cine actress, and Dr. Ravinder Singh, a distinguished scientist from ICMR, as the guest of honor. The ceremony was further enriched by the presence of Dr. Shyla Thomas, Dr. A.M. Marykutty, and Smt. Ushakumari on the dias, who collectively extolled the vital role mothers play in nurturing and shaping future generations. The event featured a vibrant array of artistic performances, cultural programs, and exhibitions, all of which served as a heartfelt expression of gratitude and appreciation for the unwavering support and guidance of mothers, making it a truly special and memorable occasion for all.

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