Go Solar - Solar Plant Inauguration

30 August, 2017

Magic Planet since its inception has implemented activities, process and procedures that have got absolute significance for the betterment of our community, which has benefitted the living environment in one manner or the other like the significant steps undertaken for the rehabilitation of street magicians, circus artistes, etc. In addition the initiatives like Unicef center for child rights, Green planet measures, education through magic has indeed given laudable appreciation and support from all parts of the society. To ring in the next phase of commitment towards society, the message of transforming solar energy for growing global needs is much important. Solar energy has been proved to be the vital and efficient source of clean energy for our existence. With this wider mission in our minds, magic planet has successfully installed solar plant at its premises. The grand inauguration of the project Go-Solar done by Honorable Electricity Minister of Kerala shri.M.M.Mani.

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