Central team impressed by the creativity of differently-abled children at DAC

23 September, 2023

A delegation from the Central Tourism-Transport-Culture Parliamentary Standing Committee visited the Different Art Centre in Trivandrum, where differently-abled individuals showcased their remarkable talents. One standout moment was Vishnu's Houdini Escape Act, despite his battle with cerebral palsy, which left the delegation enthralled. Nearly every performance received a standing ovation, and the central team commended all the children for their impressive abilities.

The group, led by V Vijaya Sai Reddy - Committee Chairman, included MPs A A Rahim, Sunil Babu Rao Mende, Chetti Paswan, Tirat Singh Rawat, Manoj Kumar Tiwari, as well as secretaries and government officials. The Committee Chairman lauded the Different Art Centre's efforts to provide equal opportunities for differently-abled individuals in society, noting that there is no comparable scheme in the country. He praised Gopinath Muthukad, the centre's Executive Director, for his remarkable decision to dedicate himself to a marginalized community.

Representatives from the Government of Kerala, Chetan Kumar Meena IAS - Director of the Social Justice Department, Mini Antony IAS - Cultural Secretary and Gopinath Muthukad - Executive Director of Different Art Centre, extended a warm welcome to the central team. During the visit, Dr. Muhammad Asheel - WHO National Professional Officer and Minu K - Manager, Corporate Relations, Different Art Centre, elaborated on the centre's activities and achievements. The delegation also witnessed the performances of street performers.

The Different Art Centre employs magic as its primary teaching medium, introducing a pioneering method for training differently-abled children in alternative arts, a first of its kind globally. Various government agencies have certified the transformative impact of this approach on these children's intellectual, social, psychological, and physical development. Based on these findings, the team explored the possibility of implementing this model nationwide. Notably, the Secretary of the Department of Social Justice for the Government of Tamil Nadu who had previously visited the centre, announced plans to adopt the DAC model in Tamil Nadu.

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