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Different Art Centre educates and empower specially abled children with various disabilities and expands the focus of training from concentrating on magic to art forms such as music, dance, drama, cinema making, painting, and skills in various musical instruments, all blended with a magical touch.

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Our Vision
Our vision is to develop a world-class art centre, that provides training and opportunities for talented mentally challenged children in our society to showcase their learned skills before a wide audience. Different Art Centre strives to enrich the physical and mental development through various art forms with the touch of magic, thereby a supportive environment that will empower differently abled children to stand on their own legs and lead a meaningful life.

Opening of the Different Art Centre
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan formally inaugurated the Different Art Centre on Thursday, 07 November 2019. He termed the Different Art Centre at the Magic Planet, founded by magician Gopinath Muthukad, as an exemplary model for the intellectual and mental progress of differently-abled children. He added that the project has become a proud initiative of the government which has been working on transforming the State into a differently abled friendly one. The centre has developed various platforms to engage around 300 differently abled children with autistic disorders by showcasing their talents in music, dance, painting, and skills in various musical instruments.

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Angelo's Artree

Camille Cascade

Wonder Wings

Different Thought Centre

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