Our Mission

  • Magic Planet, the world's first magic theme park was built with the vision to protect the public oriented art forms and street performers which faces complete ectinction due to lack of platform from the main phase of our society like magic, circus, folks arts, puppet show, etc.
  • Magic Planet serves as a crucial force and an intense campaigner against all kinds of social evils and superstitious beliefs existing in our society.The various zones like Black and White centre and Bodhana Veedhi are created to create awarness and enlightment in the minds of growing young generation against supernatural powers and drug related inhibitions spreading in our society.
  • Magic planet is designed to inspire the children of evry age group to learn mathematical concepts abd basic principles of science in an efficient manner. The magical environment will sharpen the mental ability, logical thnking and reasoning skills of every individual. Science filled magic and Technology driven ambience will enhance the IQ,EQ and lateral thinking of younger generation. Shakespearean Tempest and its magical visualization will induce a habit of reading among the young children.
  • The Magic Planet has been built up with the aim to provide research and thereby innovation in the field of magic and moreover to pass on the secrets of this great legacy for the coming generation
  • Magic planet will be a permannet Rehabilitation hub for the craving Indian street performers which include Indianstreet magicians, circus artists and other folk artists.This would be a Platform for the neglected Indian street performers to earn their livelihood which include the food, education and other necessities of family members.
  • Towards this generous cause, we humbly invite each one of you to cooperate with us for the upliftment of talented Indian street performers who are indeed the torch bearers of this great Indian tradition
  • Park Hours: 3PM - 9PM | Monday Holiday

    World's First Magic Theme Park

    Helpline No: 9447014800 | 9847328855 (10AM-9PM)
    Magic planet will open towards 19-April-2022 with new working hours *** New working hours : 03:00 pm - 09:00 pm *** Limited Seat, Reservation Required (Free Reservation)***

    Visit Magic Planet,

    And contribute towards this noble venture.....

    Magic Planet- the museum of magic, is totally a new concept located at the Kinfra Film and Video Park situated at Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It was officially inaugurated on October 31st 2014 by then Chief Minister of Kerala Mr. Oommen Chandy, with the laudable magical act of Padmasree Mohanlal in the presence of other ministers and people from different walks of life.

    This unmatched and pioneering project was designed by upholding the torch of science, with the foresight of Gopinath Muthukad to hand down the elixir of magic to the young generation and moreover to rehabilitate the craving Indian street magicians who carries on the true legacy of Indian magic.

    A multitude of fascinating activities awaits visitors here. Among these various segments, the ‘Street Magic Venue’ which displays spellbinding performances and tricks such as ‘The Indian Mango Mystery’ and the ‘Indian Basket Trick’ on the streets attract visitors in hordes.  Be it the mesmerizing Circus Castle blended with acrobatic sensations or ‘Magic Gallery’ at the History Museum with its rare memorabilia tracing the tale of magic and magicians from the middle ages to the 1950s, or the ‘Fantasia Theatre’ where mind blowing illusions, music and theatre effects are displayed, the Magic Planet will enthrall you beyond words.

    The magic castle spreads over 1.5 acres encircled by natural beauty which holds a number of attractions like Traditional Indian Magic, Flight of Fantasy, Intimate Magic, Mirror Maze, Kids Rainbow Planet, last but not the least the colorful magical parade, Rhythm of Wonders will provide an absolute visual treat before the final whistle. Apart from these eye-popping magical delights, this enchanting mansion has a host of other attractions that can charm you forever.

    Nearby attractions

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    Kovalam is a beach town by the Arabian Sea in Thiruvananthapuram city, Kerala, India, located around 27 km from the Magic Planet

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    Napier Museum

    The Napier Museum is an art and natural history museum .Distance from Magic planet : 18 KM

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    Shankumugham Beach

    Shankumugham Beach is located in Thiruvananthapuram district Distance from Magic planet : 18 KM

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    Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

    Thiruvananthapuram Zoo is one of the oldest of its kind in India..Distance from Magic Planet : 18 KM

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    Priyadarshini Planetarium

    This is one of the most versatile planetariums in the country. Distance from Magic PLanet : 16 KM

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    Veli Tourist Village is an ideal picnic spot for boatind situated 10 km away from the magic Planet.