Park Hours: 3PM - 9PM | Monday Holiday

World's First Magic Theme Park

Helpline No: 9447014800 | 9847328855 (10AM-9PM)


Parade arrives with beautiful floats followed by traditional & western costumes, favourite cartoon & funny characters with music.

The centre of excellence where the young magicians and research students can develop new dimensions and thoughts on magic.

Creative venue for differently abled children to display their specially added skills before public.      

The dramagic version of the Shakespearean world classic “Tempest” will be displayed in the most appealing manner.

The largest air-conditioned theatre in the Magic Planet with sophisticated high end technology.

Traditional magic arena, where the great Indian rope magic is performed as closing ceremony.

The selection covers colourful blend of Balloon Twisting, Puppet show, etc with the touch of magic.

A specially designed province for the children. A magical realm where the ambitions and imaginations

The eight interconnected sections which filled with history of magic, mirror magic, Intimate magic,etc.

The Gate towards traditional Indian street magic featuring India mango tree magic, Indian Basket mystery.

For relaxed and enjoy the beauty of nature filled with sweet music.

Registering science principles and concepts in young minds through the magical art.


The world of excitement that displays a variety of entertainment filled with exotic acts and acrobatic displays.

A mixture of magical drama that explores that wide imaginations and mysteries of Shakespearian play Tempest.

Enter the fun loving world of balloon sculpturing simultaneously learn the various versions of animal creation jumped with magic.

Enjoy the experience of fooling and being fooled through magic.

The magician will approach you at regular intervals and will display eye-catching magic right under your nose.

Street magician from different region of India will perform their magic with original presentation and ambience

Feel the mind blowing illusions flavoured with dance and music in high end technology ambience.

“We know what you are thinking”. Slowly close your eyes for the magic of mind challenges. Get ready for the extraordinary encounter filled with suspense and wonderment with lots of audience involvement.

The zone of magical thrills that entertain and fascinate the audience, moreover unleash the expressive skill of magician.

Unique branch of magic, that involves application of mind reading concepts associated with human thoughts.

The rare genre of street magic feast displayed with the blend of Indian tradition as our daily closing ceremony.

Street magician from different region of India will perform their magic with original presentation and ambience


Experience the ancient history of magic through tableau presentation.

Experience the story which gives the importance of parental guidance and love.

Magic planets lucky star Harry will ensure that a small magic happens at your hands.

Amazing talents carrying wide capabilities and unlimited possibilities that involves Cup & balls, Cards, Currency &Coins, Fruits & Vegetable and more.

One of the prime most attractions of magic planet Get yourself lost in the world of mirror miracles.

Capture selfie with our loveable Mascot Harry.

Encounter a perfect walk through a dizzy bridge.

You may find many of this kind at the planet that will arouse your curiosity and attention...keep your camera ready to catch those golden moments.

Discover the colourful world of paper magic and its amazing craft.

The perfect magical hub to pass the secrets and scientific concepts hidden behind the man made miracles.

Here you will get the chance to watch magic very close to the magician.

An ambience to build creative thoughts and smart skills among young children through magic.